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Concrete Shuttering Boards


An innovative material to concrete shuttering boards, TuffPly & PlasPly are drop-in replacements to traditional plywood shuttering boards which delivers an extremely low cost per use. 

Their Impact & abrasion resistant surface resists hard & concrete vibrator knocks and the board debonds from concrete extremely easy due to specially formulated non-stick surface & easy to strip formwork - very little formoil is required

Surface is easily cleaned on site with water - economical and easy maintenance 

Surface does not chip off unlike plywood veneers 

With Tuffply:

  • As strong, light and machined as like plywood.
  • Extremely easy for formwork stripping without much use of formoil
  • Excellent concrete finish & surface
  • Repeated use of over a few hundred times
  • Easy to clean and maintain with use of pressure water jet
  • Repairable surface for enhanced lifespan
  • Weldable surface to produce large area sheets
  • Option of plastic edge protection
  • Alternative of wood core with PlasPly

With Plasply:

Uber's combination of proprietary plastic surface with wood core and fused plastic edging increases the lifespan as compared to a plywood and enhances users experience in concrete shuttering which reduces the overall costs of ownership.

Easily repairable on site with conventional plastic welding tools & welding rods 

Fused Plastic edging prevents moisture absorption and swelling

Consistent fair-faced concrete finishing 

Surface does not wear off during concrete debonding process

Can last 40 to 100 cycles dependant on handling and climate conditions.



Concrete Shuttering Brochure 

Surface Renewal Video

Joining by Glue Video

Joint Welding Video

Repair & Joining Guide

Technical Data Sheet

Solution Guide (Panel Arrangement)

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All Plastic, Metal-Reinforced


Wood Core, All Round Plastic Sealed

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